Play Private Paintball with as few as 6 players All Summer Long in both the Ashland and Chelsea locations! 

Package Includes: 

  • 3 Hours of Private Play
  • Admission and Equipment for 6 Players
  • 2 Large Pizzas and 2 Two Liters of Soda 
  • 1200 Low Impact or Traditional Paintballs | Unlimited SplatMaster Paint for Session 

Celebrate a birthday, a milestone or just get the family together for some FUN quality time! Nervous about playing? Don't be! 

SplatMaster is a spring loaded gun option for players as young as 8 years old while Low Impact is the perfect in option for new, nervous, mixed groups of players. Literally EVERYONE can enjoy the fun of paintball when you leave out the pain :)

You can reserve these packages from 1pm - 4pm or 4pm - 7pm Monday - Friday in Ashland and in Chelsea 




The Options


The Spring Loaded Mini Paintball option for players ages 8+

SplatMaster players are between the Ages of 8-11 years old but we are more than happy have players older join the fun! Using a pump action gun that holds limited rounds of ammo - SplatMaster players enjoy the thrill of the chase as well as the exciting pump action not offered in any other version of the game! 

Low Impact:

The Lower Velocity smaller paintball options is the fantastic new spin on the classic,  but shoots slower and uses a paintball roughly half the size of it's counterpart.  Low Impact Paintball is also commonly referred to as .50 Cal paintball reduces the anxiety and the ouch just enough to get players completely immersed in the paintball experience without worrying about the pain part of paintball! 

Traditional Paintball: 

The Classic. How it all got started. How boys become men.. So many people have played this version of the game it has turned paintball into the sport played Professionally all over the world! The most adrenaline pumping exciting version of paintball you can play!